About Our Interior Decorating Mission

Nidus Design was started in 1990 with the idea to create the best quality as an all-encompassing whole in the domestic market by applying various interior decorating solutions. We believed that – primarily in the area of designing homes in the classic sense – we could develop solutions of outstanding quality, reflecting a unified way of thinking.  By now, we have put our dream into practice.

Our company is an enterprise that has relied on human values from the very beginning, and it will remain like that in the future as well. We firmly believe that no real value can be created without recognizing the importance of the human environment.

During the past few years, the creative team of Nidus Design has assumed a leading role in creating classic homes. Our work is characterized by a series of individual solutions. We are engaged in design, communication and value creation. Our devotion to professional perfection and real values has brought changes in the interior design and decoration of homes. Based upon the results of our unique and highly visible work, it is easy to recognize the advantages and values of this devotion.

Our designs are characterized by beauty, respect for function, harmony and passion. The objects of our passion are architecture and interior decoration, which can bring new beauty and joy into our lives each day – into your lives as well as into our team’s everyday life.